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The Design and Style of Rustic Leather Furniture

Posted on February 19 2020

The Design and Style of Rustic Leather Furniture

How leather makes the ideal material for that natural look and feel

Whenever we hear the term “rustic” to describe a certain furniture style and design, it conjures an image in our minds of furniture that is not only natural in look and feel but also Old World in design. We also tend to think of furniture that is handmade from organic materials that are textured and earthy in color and tone. In terms of elements used to build high quality furniture, there really is no material that is more natural, durable and lends itself to a rustic design and style than leather.

The rustic style is defined by its Classic design, which is intended to bring out the natural beauty of its materials. Leather not only perfectly complements the natural wood of its frame without the need of additional adornment, but it is also an organic material that improves with age. It is one of the only materials in which blemishes from normal wear and tear can be said to enhance its aesthetic value and give it “character.” It is this character that gives leather furniture a textured feel that is truly as inviting and comfortable as it looks.

 Indeed, few things in life look and feel more solid and durable—and scream comfort—than a leather chair or sofa. The materials can also be “distressed” to create that antique look and feel, which makes even the newest piece of furniture seem as if it’s been lovingly preserved in the family for generations.

To learn more about the wonders of leather and the wide range of designs in rustic leather furniture that we have available, call American Classics Leather today.


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