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The Design and Style of Rustic Leather Furniture


Posted on February 19 2020

The Design and Style of Rustic Leather Furniture

 Are you looking for rustic leather furniture to buy? We are here to show you some of our favorite rustic leather furniture styles to inspire you that are also available to purchase. 

Whenever we hear the term “rustic” to describe a certain leather furniture style and design, it conjures an image in our minds of furniture that is not only natural in look and feel but also Old World in design.


The term rustic is a very subjective term because my definition of "rustic" may be completely different from your definition. 
Here you are going to learn about the wonders of leather and the wide range of designs in rustic leather furniture. After learning about rustic leather furniture designs, you are going to have an educated understanding of leather and how it is used to build high quality living room furniture that will patina, get better and get better with age, similar to a fine wine.


This post is all about design and styles of rustic leather furniture 

 Rustic style is defined by its Classic design, which is intended to bring out the natural beauty of its materials.

 We tend to think of furniture that is handmade from organic materials that are textured and earthy in color and tone. In terms of elements used to build high quality furniture, there really is no material that is more natural, durable and lends itself to a rustic design and style than leather.

Leather not only perfectly complements the natural wood of its frame without the need of additional adornment, but it is also an organic material that improves with age. It is one of the only materials in which blemishes from normal wear and tear can be said to enhance its aesthetic value and give it “character.” It is this character that gives leather furniture a textured feel that is truly as inviting and comfortable as it looks.

Indeed, few things in life look and feel more solid and durable—and scream comfort—than a leather chair or sofa. The materials can also be “distressed” to create that antique look and feel, which makes even the newest piece of furniture seem as if it’s been lovingly preserved in the family for generations.

 If you're looking for rustic quality furniture that is going to last for years to come, than you have found the place! Below are some styles that could be very fitting for rustic style living rooms or office spaces. Keep in mind that these style are also very versatile and by simply changing a few features such as the leather, nail heads, feet and finishes, it can completely transform the style of the furniture and space it is going in.   

rustic leather furniture

959 Hampton

Why we love it

Our number one best seller is by far the 959 Hampton because of its rustic leather and patina it has acquired over the years.  This pictured group we display on the showroom floor has captured the attention of may cabin home owners in the mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee, New York and many others. The scalloped base gives a unique style flare to the design. This group is a perfect representation of how this choice of leather will age like a fine wine.  There is no question as to why we won't sell this group off our showroom floor!


rustic leather sofa

 555 Park City

Why we love it

This rustic leather sofa is a style I have used to customize for many clients. Starting with a solid hardwood oak frame for durability and longevity, a TRUE 8 way hand tied suspension, this 555 Park City is then upholstered with a natural Full grain, tan leather, which is a perfect neutral rustic color, which can compliment both rustic and modern style rooms.  The artistically hand pleated, rolled arms are decorated with old gold nail heads which in all truly creates a wow factor that will catch everyone's eye. The imperfections in the leather like scars, mosquito bites, stretch marks, and other natural features help emphasize the rustic design and style in further details. 


The term rustic also doesn't only lock Full grain leather into the rustic look.  Some Top grain leathers are designed to give a rustic aesthetic without the leathers actually distressing. However a lot of Top Grain leathers can be finished with a sheen, but "rustic" will never take on the "sheen" and rather keep a matted or muted finish. 

 The design and style of rustic leather furniture can also transfer over to traditional styles and designs, including rough surface, accent Hair On Hides, tooled leathers such as embossed or printed leathers. 

The most common color pallet for rustic leather furniture are browns, beiges, creams, whites, greens and greys and even blues because they favor warmth and cozy feelings. These are also colors that reflect less light that help with a rough and uneven texture. 

when mixing styles, we always recommend using color harmony to connect the contrasting parts. You can also use this rule to help create the same mood instead of trying to match the same style. 

 Texture is also key in emphasizing the term rustic.  

Below are some examples of Hair On Hide, "Tooled" or "Embossed" printed leathers, used to create rustic accents. Generally they are not bold in color, but more so balanced.  

rustic leather furniturerustic leather furniture

rustic leather furniturerustic leather furniture

Examples of rustic distressed leather: 

These leathers are tanned to represent natural full grain leather without actually scratching and marking up. This is perfect alternative for the consumer who wants the rustic leather look and feel without driving them crazy with scratch marks.  

rustic leather furniture 

 rustic leather furniture


leather grades explained

rustic leather furniture

rustic leather furniture rustic leather furniture

The 558 Westwood

Why we love it

The 558 Westwood is a excellent example of rustic leather with a bold accents placed on the front arm panels, out arms and the out back. Here the 558 is shown in Top grain leather, Myriad, " Ambiguity Brown" which has a sauvage effect which simply means it has high and low tones to make it appear rustic and old world without it changing over time. This  sofa is literally a show stopper! 




City Craft Sectional

Why we love it

The Omnia City Craft sectional is so ambidextrous , with its modern, sleek, clean lines, and unifies the rustic style in its distressed Full grain leather.  The City Craft is versatile in its style and design  from Farmhouse , Industrial, Modern/Contemporary, Modern Cabin, even Beach house! The way the city craft sectional is shown in this rustic natural leather, makes it a very rustic leather sofa set. Depending on the leather you choose, you could create many different styles and looks to complete any space!

rustic leather furniture

840 R1 Bryan Recliner

Why we love it.

The color tones in this antiqued ,vintage leather fade into one another from sunburst golden honey to a shadowy chestnut hue, coin a fashioning handsome rustic leather recliner chair design. Perfect for a cigar room or office. 


rustic leather furniture

607 Louise

Why we love it

A chesterfield sofa is a classic and traditional sofa that can be used in a variety of different styles depending on the leather that is chosen. For a rustic leather vintage sofa, full grain and or  top grain leather choices can really transform from classic traditional to rustic. The Louise is shown in a full grain natural leather that will age appropriately and patina over time, giving it that rustic old world look and feel. As mentioned above, using a top grain leather that is tanned with veining effect to make it appear distressed is another way you could apply a rustic textured leather to this classic style. 

rustic leather furniture 375 Hampton Push back Recliners

Why we love it

Our 375 Hampton push back recliners put a whole new meaning to comfort. These are literally the most comfortable recliners!  Available with choice accent hair on hide in customer preference placement or solid leather all the way around, these rustic leather accent chairs are great in log cabin mountain homes, rural countryside, midwestern, and flat plain field locations. Can you imagine sitting in one of these overlooking a beautiful landscape portrait view? 


rustic leather furniture

rustic leather furniture

823 Paris

Why we love it 

This dark brown leather living room sofa is class mixed with rustic. From Chesterfield to traditional roll arm with minimal hand tufted pleats, again, the leather has everything to do with identifying the style of this sofa. 


rustic leather furniture

554 Tanner

why we love it

The 554 Tanner is a great design for those who want the rustic leather furniture constructed without all the nail heads. Although all of the furniture at American Classics Leather can be ordered with or without nailheads, the design of this particular group is shown with welting in place of nail heads. 

This post was all about the design and style of rustic leather furniture to help you in planning and designing your living room or workspace. 


To conclude, rustic leather furniture is warm and inviting and a very versatile term used to describe many different design styles and can be a subjective term from one person to another,  but most importantly it's all  about allowing natural beauty to shine and the overall goal is to create a calm, cozy and relaxing space highlighting organic, natural elements and materials.  

Any of these leather living room sets would be perfect to complete spaces for mountain lodge furniture, farmhouse living room, industrial living room, rustic cabin furniture and more. It's all about adding large course textures, accessories with untreated wood, large coarse rugs, hand thrown pottery to create depth and complete rustic style rooms. 

 Both American Classics Leather and Leather And More make it easy to customize your furniture exactly how you want it, especially if you want to recreate rustic furniture. From choosing the configurations to the color and pattern of the Hair on Hide, to Tooled, Printed leathers and placing them exactly where you want, to choosing your choice in leather colors, and leather grades. These are two of my go to retailers for my clients who want the ability to have full customization in their living room furniture design and style that will also last a lifetime.  

rustic leather furniture

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