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Where is your furniture made?

ACL is proud to partner with the best furniture manufacturers in the business to build each piece of leather furniture according to our highest standards right here in North Carolina.

Where do your leathers come from?

ACL refuses to compromise on the quality of leathers we offer, and we source our leather from the best tanneries. The majority of leathers are sourced from tanneries in Italy. We also source from tanneries in South America.

Is your furniture leather all over?

Yes. Each piece is covered in top-grain or full-grain, analine-dyed leather, depending on your preference.

How long does delivery take once I place my order?

Because each piece is meticulously built-to-order according to our exacting standards, we are only able to give an estimation. Currently, our production times run between 12 to 14 weeks, but depending on order volume these times are subject to change. Once your order is complete and has been released to an in-home delivery service, delivery can take 2-4 weeks depending on your location.

Can you custom-size your furniture?

We can customize any piece of leather furniture that you desire. Just contact our team at American Classics Leather and we will be happy to transform your ideas into a showcase piece of furniture.

Do you have a showroom where we can sit on the furniture?

Yes, our Sister Company Leather & More is located in Hickory, NC. They are the exclusive distributor of ACL.

Can a style using nail heads be ordered without?

Yes, it can.

How do I check status of my order?

Upon placing your order, an ACL associate will contact you within 24-hours to review the details of your order. This associate will then pair you with one of our customer service representatives to serve as your contact in case you have questions or want to check on the status of your order.


How do I select a leather grade?  


Grade A leathers are top grain semi aniline dyed leathers. Top grain is the best cut of leather. The leather tannery then removes most of the imperfections in the leather, dyes the leather and then seals it with a topcoat finish. This finish is what protects the leather from spills, makes them scratch resistant, gives them grain and color consistency for the life of your furniture. For example, look at the 289- Lenoir Sofa, it's photographed in Revelations Cocoa. 

Grade B leathers are also top grain semi aniline dyed leathers. The big difference is the grain and color variations that will be more visible. These leathers still have a topcoat finish, but you'll see more natural grain and color variations. For example, look at the 558- Westwood sofa, it's photographed in Dante Espresso. (less the hair on hide on the sides & back)

Grade C, D & E leathers are full grain & full aniline dyed. These leathers are left at the most natural state from the tannery. With these leathers healed scars, brand marks & shade variations are prevalent and to be expected. These leathers will patina and distress. They are expected to. They break in to give an OLD-WORLD LOOK & FEEL.  For example, look at the 959-Hampton sofa, it's photographed in Berkshire Bourbon. (disclaimer this sofa was photographed after a few years of use. When your furniture shows up you will need to use it to get this look, other words you must break it in).  


Are the seat and back cushions sewn in or removable? 

All of the collections have removable seat and back cushions. Except for recliners. The recliners have a removable seat cushion.